Bryan County trio arrested for stealing

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DURANT, Okla. (KXII) -- Three Bryan County residents were arrested Saturday after neighbors said they caught them stealing.

Bryan County Sheriffs office says Sean Ulum, Jody Polster, and Robert Eggers Jr., were allegedly caught in the act.

It happened at a home off Sawmill road and Highway 70.

Authorities said the burglars tried to get away with loose materials, such as a door, stove, faucets, a microwave and air conditioner.

The homeowner said that a watchful neighbor spotted the trio, recorded the crime on video, and called 911.

"An alert neighbor was paying attention, saw something that didn't seem right, then verified that and then contacted the law enforcement agency responsible for that," Bryan County Chief Deputy Steve Nabors said.

Deputies immediately responded to the home,and arrested all three on second degree burglary charges.

Authorities said the trio didn't get away with anything.

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