Bryan County veteran plans to start cannabis farm

Published: Jun. 28, 2018 at 11:47 PM CDT
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Now that it's legal in Oklahoma, a Bryan County man plans to start a cannabis farm for medicinal purposes.

James Pearson defines himself as first a farmer, then a veteran.

"To be one hundred percent honest, I saw opioid abuse in the military," Pearson said.

And that's what inspired him to make a change.

He served as a drug task force investigator in the army.

"And I think if cannabis was a better option for them, we wouldn't have the opioid epidemic we have now," Pearson said

He plans on growing cannabis for medicinal purposes in an indoor facility in Bryan County.

He doesn't want us to reveal a more specific location for his safety.

A field in the back of the farm will be used to grow hemp for things like paper and insulation.

Pearson hopes his farm will erase the stereotype of marijuana.

"So I really think cannabis can come into play and help alleviate some of that, and get us a little bit away from the opioid epidemic we're facing now," he said.

He said he'll grow as much as the government will allow.

But he'll have to wait until the legislature comes up with protocols for the law, and his application for a license is approved.

Pearson is hopeful to get up and running soon.

Not only giving veterans a new way to deal with PTSD and other injuries...

"I would love to hire nothing but veterans. Somebody who wants to have a purpose in life and a passion," Pearson said.

He said it will be at least sometime late September until the first seed is in the ground.