Buc-ee's in Melissa now hiring in preparation for their Spring opening

Published: Jan. 25, 2019 at 4:46 PM CST
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Drivers on Highway 75 can see the progress being made on the Buc-ee's in Melissa, and a representative from their corporate office says the are looking to fill 200 jobs before they open their doors for business.

"To watch it go up in town has been nice, too. Its made a lot of conversation in town," said Sheri Morris, who works at a doctors office in Melissa.

Morris says she plans on going to the Buc-ee's every week when they open.

"It's the talk of the town right now, all of the patients are thrilled. They're excited because its huge. We have not had things like that in Melissa before so its given us lots of new options," said Morris.

Buc-ee's spokesperson Jeff Nadalo says the company has received great feedback from folks who live in North Texas about this store coming to the area.

"Buc-ee's is well known obviously for its clean restrooms. It's known for having fantastic food, including some really great barbeque," said Nadalo.

Nadalo says the store will be over 50,000 sq. feet in size and will have around 100 fuel pumps.

The store is looking to fill jobs in food service, retail, and maintenance.

Folks who wish to work at the Melissa Buc-ee's can apply online, and they will start phone interviews in the next few weeks.

"Even I, on my road trips put it on my path and I make sure to stop and I am invariably wowed every time I come in the store as a customer," said Nadalo.

As for Morris, she is already looking forward to a couple of things when the store opens.

"Of course the jerky. The beef jerky. And being able to have a new place to shop in town is nice," said Morris.

Nadalo says they expect to open this Buc-ee's in late April or early May.