Bullet fired through classroom at Grayson College

Published: Jan. 16, 2018 at 9:56 PM CST
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School officials said a bullet from an accidental discharge went through a classroom wall, came out through the other side and exited through a window.

It happened at the Grayson College Criminal Justice Center on Jan. 10.

Vice President of Business Services Giles Brown said a criminal justice club advisor was showing two students how to use a computerized firearms simulator before the incident occurred.

He said the instructor took his live weapon and put it in a box so it would not be confused with the training weapon.

We’re told that the box did not have a lock on it, and that the instructor later left the room, taking the training firearm with him.

“One of the students thought the instrument inside the box was the training instrument so she picked it up,” Brown said.

Then, Brown said, she fired it at a target on the wall, realizing her mistake instantly.

“Shot a hole in the wall,” Brown said. “Crossed over and broke a window.”

Brown said the instructor is a licensed peace officer who is permitted to carry a firearm on campus, and, being an officer, has been able to even before the new concealed carry law went into effect last August.

Brown said the female student who shot the gun was upset after it happened.

The bullet, which officials believe shot into the courtyard behind the target, was never found.

Students we talked to on Tuesday said it was their first day, and they were unaware the incident had happened.

“I would have probably been pretty freaked out if would have walked out here," Tori Martin said. "This is my first day walking on campus. If I’d have been walking by and a gun would have shot out the window right at me.”

“I can’t imagine that," Nathan Hutto said. "Just a bullet flying out of nowhere.”

“Yeah, I would have been terrified," Glenda Jurden said.

Brown said thankfully no one was in the corridor behind the wall or outside in the courtyard at the time the shot was fired.

“It’s unfortunate that this happened but we’re taking it seriously and doing our best to never have it happen again,” Brown said.

Grayson County spokesperson Molly Harris said the incident serves as a reminder of the importance of firearm safety, especially on a college campus.

Brown said the school now plans on installing heavy duty metal lock boxes in the necessary classrooms.

The school is not releasing the instructor’s name but we’re told despite having extensive training he will be going back for more.