Burglars steal from Ada animal shelter

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ADA, Okla. (KXII) - Pontotc Animal Welfare Society Manager Ashleigh Winton says her shelter just can't catch a break.

"They took the plug--the whole like--the whole thing," Winton said.

"I just think it's terrible,"Petowner Gilda Mauldin said.

It's been a tough couple of weeks for the Pontotoc Animal Welfare Society.

The shelter was burglarized Sunday morning, just a couple weeks after a couple stole a puppy from the shelter.

"People now a days don't have the upbringing that we have," Mauldin said.

Winton says this couple pretended they'd adopt a dog, but when staff got busy the couple darted out the front door with the pup and drove off.

No one has been arrested in either incident.

"I was just like, well this is just fantastic because we just not even two weeks ago somebody stole the puppy," Winton said, "and now we've got somebody breaking in."

"They think everything out there is just for them to take, well this is for the dogs ... and the cats," Mauldin said.

Winton says shattered glass covered her office.

Security cameras are installed throughout the shelter, but they didn't catch the theives.

"We realized that who ever did it had unplugged our cameras and made us lose the footage, but when they did that we also learned that they were here from 5:30 to 5:40," Winton said.

"It appeared that they had left the building out of another door, on the west side because a bar that is used to secure that door was gone, and the door was unsecured when we went through the building," Ada Police Detective Jaron Ballagh said.

Winton says the register had $300 inside as well as a $ 500 donated check.

"We're non-profit, we don't make money on anything and we try to help as many animals as we can, and then people do stuff like this and it just makes it that much more hard to do any of it," Winton said.

"They should be ashamed of their selves, Mauldin said."

Police are still working leads and asking anyone with information to contact the Ada Police Department.