Burglars steal from a volunteer fire department days before Christmas

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PICKETT, Okla. (KXII) - Pickett Fire Chief Dustan Grand says the couple who lives across from the station caught the thieves on their home surveillance video.

In the video, a dark-colored car pulls up to the station and later leaves just after midnight on Wednesday.

"They ended up parking over here and prying open a walk-through door," Grand said.

Grand tells us they took a tool box worth about $300.

He says they also stole a jumper box, a drill, batteries and two light bars off their brush trucks.

"As of right now, brush truck is out of service because it has no emergency lights on it," Grand said.

The chief tells us it'll cost the department about four-thousand dollars to replace the stolen items, and to fix the door.

"I don't know why you want to break into a fire department," He said.

But this isn't the first time a volunteer department in Pontotoc county has been hit.

Chainsaws were stolen from the Happyland and Homer fire departments a little over a month ago.

"Everybody needs to be watching their departments real closely in this county," Emergency Management Director Chad Letellier said.

Letellier also works as the Inventory Control Officer for the fire departments.

He says losing equipment is costly and can take a while to replace.

"Usually at least a year, if the items aren't recovered then we go about the process of removing them from the inventory," Letellier said.

Grand says it hurts that someone would do this to people who serve the community.

"[We] put in all of our personal time to help the community out, and now we're up here fixing what they've done," Grand said.

The Pontotoc County Sheriff's office is still investigating the burglary.