Bus carrying people from Mexico stops in Madill amid health concerns

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MADILL, Okla. (KXII) - Marshall County Emergency Manager Robert Chaney says a bus carrying 46 people from the southern U.S. border to Chicago was stopped by police in the Madill Walmart parking lot late Sunday night to address passengers' health issues, before it was reloaded with passengers and continued on its journey north.

Chaney originally reported the people inside had immigrated illegally, but police determined a short time later that was not the case.

"ICE confirmed through telephone that the bus was travelling legally, and it did cross the border legally through customs," Madill Police spokesman Donny Raley said.

Chaney said people boarded the bus around noon on Saturday and have had little to eat or drink since.

Somewhere along the way, he says the heater on the bus stopped working.

Paramedics on scene say three people were taken to a local hospital, one was a minor.

Due to HIPPA laws, they were unable to give information about what hospital or the condition of the patients.

An employee at the Love's Travel Plaza nearby said the bus made a stop to fuel there sometime after 5 p.m. Sunday before being stopped by police at the Walmart.

He tells us passengers on the bus asked people working there to call for help because there was no heat.

The employee says the driver of the bus came inside the store to buy hats and gloves for the passengers.

It is unknown at this time why the bus is headed to Chicago or if heat was restored.

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics also responded and arrested one woman on board the bus for possession of hash, a marijuana product.