Business ruined in fire opens new location in downtown Denison

DENISON, Tex. (KXII) - A Denison business is back after their building burned down in the October Main Street fire.

Desk and Easel has opened a new location on a street over in downtown.

"Cut, start over again," said Desk and Easel owner Wendi Acosta.

Acosta said it's a new beginning.

Their building was right next to Luxor Nails and Spa, which went up in flames in October.

The fire ruined nearby businesses and destroyed three families' homes.

Acosta is an artist and the fire turned her artwork to ashes.

"And to grieve the loss of everything that I had created in three years," Acosta said.

But now, they're starting fresh.

Monday she cut the ribbon at their new location on Chestnut Street, a street over from Main Street.

Tracy Realty broker Tommi Homuth leased the first building to Acosta more than three years ago and after the fire, she helped them find a new spot.

"It's like Denison moving forward and that's what we're doing. We haven't skipped a beat. The business goes on, the momentum goes on," Homuth said.

"We would truly feel the loss if we weren't able to be in this community," Acosta said.

Desk and Easel is a co-working space and Acosta said the offices are bigger than before.

In addition, they have a phone booth where people can make private calls and a podcast recording studio is in the works.

"This building has got a lot of character. It's different than the last Desk and Easel of course," said Michael McMinn, who works out of an office for his social media management and marketing business.

He agrees the change is for the best.

Turning ashes into aspiration.

"Being in this space has allowed us to realize an even bigger vision than what we had there. And it's not by choice, but it's by blessing," Acosta said.