Byng H.S. student arrested for allegedly selling THC infused lollipop

Pontotoc County Sheriff John Christian says the Byng high school principal called their office Thursday to report that a student had allegedly sold a THC infused lollipop to another student.

"They were able to obtain video of the transaction actually taking place," Christian said.

Christian claims Damien Moore, 18, sold the sucker to a 17-year-old student for $15 inside the school's student center.

Moore told officials he is a cannabis advocate and brought the edible to see if it would help the student who was hurting.

"He actually allegedly had two," Christian said. "We only recovered one but the juvenile said he had two and he brought them there at the school trying to sell them."

Christian says Moore told the deputy he got the suckers from his mother who is a distributor.

Moore's mother claimed Moore had stolen the suckers from her and that they contained only 5% THC - the active ingredient in marijuana.

Medical marijuana is legal in Oklahoma but distributors, growers, and patients are required to have a license.

"There may be charges forthcoming there if she's not licensed properly," Christian said.

Moore told deputies on the way to jail he's a hippie who's trying to spread love and asked to have a copy of his mug shot to use on his Facebook page.

He's charged with a Misdemeanor for possessing controlled dangerous substance.

Christian says it's their first arrest involving a student selling a THC product at a school since medical marijuana was legalized in June.

"I think it's going to be an ongoing problem," Christian said. "I certainly wouldn't want to be a school official in this time in history because I think our hands are going to be full of it."

We tried to reach out to Moore but were unsuccessful.

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