Cadaver dogs, crews search for missing McCurtain Co. man

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EAGLETOWN, Okla. (KXII) -- The McCurtain County Sheriff's Office is conducting a search after a dog found two human bones last week.

"We're hoping this is him. We're hoping they find him today," said Donna Ashalintubbi, Charlie Osterdock's sister.

Osterdock went missing in July 2015.

"We're positive that he's dead and that he's not going to be found alive, so we want to, you know, bury him with the family," said Ashalintubbi.

Osterdock is one of the two missing people in McCurtain County, but both the sheriff and Ashalintubbi believe the bones found belong to Osterdock.

"It seems that one of the bones may have been broken in the leg, and he had a broken leg. The rumors also were that he was in this area within half a mile," said Ashalintubbi.

"One individual, particularly, was last seen in this area before he went missing within a half mile from this area," said McCurtain County Sheriff Kevin Clardy. "The probability of being that person is great, but at this time its not confirmed."

Clardy said they're investigating the case as a homicide. He also said witnesses said Osterdock was last seen leaving a party at a home in Eagletown.

"We've narrowed the search down to basically a four mile area," said Clardy.

According to Clardy, nearly 100 people came out to be a part of Saturday's search, but no additional bones were found.

The search continued Sunday morning.

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