Calera Police Station dedicated to domestic violence victims

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CALERA, Okla. (KXII)- In January of 2009, Kimberly Mullens' sister Vivian Pierce and their mother Rebecca Pierce were murdered by Vivian's boyfriend Damon Butler in Calera.

Mullens says her sister wanted to move out of Butler's home, because Butler was beating her and using meth.

Vivian Pierce was the mother of two young children.

Calera Police Chief Don Hyde says their deaths are still something the thinks about a lot, because he had a close relationship with both women.

"Actually, its to date in my little over 30 year career, its been one of the most memorable, tragic, there are just words that really doesn't describe it," said Chief Hyde.

Nearly ten years later, Hyde says the relationship between Calera police and Mullens' family is still strong, and he makes it a point to reach out to her family every January.

"Basically on our end, to reassure them that there is a true meaning to honoring and remembering," said Hyde.

Now, a purple emblem hangs outside of the Calera Police Department building that honors not only Mullens sister and mother, but all domestic violence victims.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, one in three female murder victims are killed by their significant other.

Mullens says whenever she passes by the Calera police station, she hopes her family's story can help save other victims of domestic violence.

"If it saves one family, or if it changes the legacy of another family, I want this to represent that," said Mullens.