Calera baseball team gives free makeover to 88-year-old's home

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CALERA, Okla. (KXII) -- The Calera High School baseball team is using its time during the off-season to change the life of an 88-year-old woman.

"It is wonderful and I am so proud of it, I may start crying," Wanda Lewis said.

Painting the house, replacing the boards, gardening, decorating and more. That's what the Calera baseball team did this past week to help out 88-year-old Wanda Lewis.

"I'm alone and it just means everything to me, because if I had to do this out of pocket, I could not afford it," Lewis said.

Lewis said she's lived in her home in Calera for more than three decades, but is not able to redo her yard or fix-up her home on her own.

"It was in rough shape, but working together as a team, it's really brought us together and given us some confidence," baseball player Tristen Corbin said.

It's a home Calera baseball coach Rickey Teafatiller said he passes every day, being that it's right up the street from the school. So he decided to get his team together to help.

"When Mr. Teafatiller came and told me he was gonna do it, I was just so thrilled," Lewis said.

"Something that we wanted to do, it's down time for us, we're not playing in season," Teafatiller said.

The players got all of the supplies donated.

"If we need something important done, we'll get on it," baseball player James Vazquez said.

They are giving up their time off the field to still work as a team, but this time to impact the life of someone in their very own community.

"I hope that after this project, that they can see just a little bit of work, cause it a really hasn't been that much time, goes a long way," Teafatiller said.

"It feels great, I love giving back to her," Corbin said.

"These kids have worked so hard, they're wonderful," Lewis said.