Calera crime spree thwarted by suspect's own actions

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CALERA, Okla. (KXII) -- A Bryan County man is behind bars for attempted burglary and stealing a pickup, but it's what he left behind that landed him in jail.

It all started Sunday at the Exxon gas station off U.S. Highway 69 on Sunday. According to court documents, the suspect went up to a woman with a pocket knife, asking for change.

She told police when she didn't give him change, and he left the store. Another witness said he then threw away his backpack in a trash bin.

Inside the backpack, officers found paperwork with the name Robert Heurtevant attached.

Minutes later a 911 call came in from the EZ Mart just a few blocks north of the Exxon stating a man had stolen a case of beer and walked off.

But that wasn't the end of the crime spree.

"We were inside just playing with the kids and then somebody knocked on the doors and said hey somebody just stole my truck with a case of beer, can you call 911 for me because my phone is in the truck," Aureilie Reid said.

Reid said a construction worker came to her house for help after his white pickup was stolen from a home off of Paula. Aaron Heurtevant matched the suspect's description.

Investigators said that about an hour later surveillance cameras captured him at the Texoma Casino in Kingston pointing a gun he found inside the stolen pickup at an unoccupied truck. But the doors of the unoccupied truck were locked and he couldn't get in, so Heurtevant left in the first stolen truck.

A game warden finally spotted the stolen truck off Ranger Station Road in Mead, and arrested Heurtevant after investigators said he got the truck stuck in mud.

"I'm just glad they found the person who stole the truck and everything and were able to catch him," Reid said.

Heurtevant was charged with stealing a car and attempted burglary.

According to the police report, the suspect admitted to the crimes telling investigators the devil made him do it.

He was later booked into the Bryan County Jail.

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