Calera first responders take part in 9/11 memorial stair climb

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DURANT, Okla. (KXII) - "The World Trade Center, World Number One, is on fire,"

This is what first responders in New York City heard just after 8:46 a.m. on September 11, 2001.

"When the first plane hit you think it was an accident because its a tall building in New York City. Then when the second one hit, you immediately want to jump in a car and go. What can I do? Where can I go?" said Calera Police Officer Joey Scott, recalling where he was on September 11th, 2001.

Nearly 3,000 people lost their lives on 9/11 in New York, which included just over 400 first responders.

"But it was definitely a heart-breaking feeling knowing that my country had just gotten attacked," said Calera Firefighter Alli Keller.

Keller and Scott took part in a stair climb Wednesday morning to honor all victims, as they climbed the equivalent of the 110 stories of the World Trade Center on the stair machine at the gym in full uniform.

Scott has done the stair climb the past three years at the Renaissance Building in Dallas on 9/11.

This year he was asked by 24-7 Workout Anytime in Durant and didn't hesitate to stay close to home this time.

"To walk for them, who are no longer here, who sacrificed everything that day to allow us to keep going, is just a blessing and an honor," said Scott.

The two both agree as first responders it's their duty to not only remember those who saved lives but also continue to educate, especially those who were born after 9/11.

"It (9/11) had a big play in why I wanted to serve my country and serve my community," said Keller.

"My hope is, as we step and climb each and every year in remembrance, they won't ever forget this day. This is another Pearl Harbor and those who didn't experience that day, it has to live through us and allow them not to forget," said Scott.