Camera catches thieves taking tube from boat dock

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POTTSBORO, Tex. (KXII)- Gregg Romero caught a group of thieves taking a boat tube on camera near his dock at high port marina Monday afternoon. He believes the high water is one of the reasons that led to this theft.

"This is not the place that you can just come grab something and go to a hock shop," said Romero.

Romero had cameras installed at the end of last summer, when several thousand dollars worth of sound equipment was stolen from his dock.

This time, Romero's cameras caught these thieves wandering around the dock.

"Proceeded to walk around the dock and check doors to see if they were locked, and looked inside various slips," said Romero.

They didn't take anything from Romero's dock, but one did leave something for him.

"One of them decided to relieve himself at my dock," said Romero.

VP of Highport operations Christie Bliss says there have been three reports of theft in the past couple of weeks at Highport.

She believes the thieves are capitalizing on people not being at their docks because the water is so high.

Lake Texoma is 10 feet above normal.

"If you can, install an inexpensive camera on your dock, its really a good idea because that way we can turn that over to law enforcement," said Bliss.

Fortunately for Romero's neighbor this video was shared on social media, and low and behold, the tube was returned.

Video shows the suspected thief bringing it back just before midnight on Monday.

"Because the water is high, a lot of people are not here. So consequently the people who want to take things, it leaves an open door for them. It allows them to come in via the water, and grab whatever they can grab and go," said Romero.

Bliss says you can report any cases of theft at the high port marina to the Grayson County Sheriffs office.