Community college campus carry going into effect Tuesday

DENISON, Texas (KXII) - It was a quiet day at Grayson College. But tomorrow, campus carry officially goes into effect-- and students weren't quiet about that.

"It will cause nervousness among students because you don't know how people will react," said Nicholas Njoroge, a student at the college.

"Oh my gosh, guns on the campus, I thought that was forbidden," said Marcos Salazar, an incoming freshman. "I'm gonna feel creeped out and insecure."

Students 21 and older with a license will legally be allowed to carry their concealed gun on campus. Open carry is still illegal on campus.

The reactions here have been mixed—some for it, many against it—but Amy Evans, the marketing director with the college, said they've had time to prepare.

"Last fall, we held focus groups, surveys, we talked to people, and let everybody know this would be happening," Evans said.

The campus carry law went into effect for public universities last year.

"Community colleges like Grayson had a year to watch them," Evans said.

There are there many times when carrying a gun won't be allowed. like campus sporting events, events where alcohol is being served, and high school events to name just a few.

Evans emphasizes the new law covers concealed carry—so guns will be hidden, but some students said they are still wary.

"If I can't see it it, I don't know if it's there," Salazar said. "I don't know what might happen."

Despite some concern, most people said they're not that worried.

"It is what it is," Evans said. "It is the law, and we're here to make sure people have their rights."

"It's a nice community," Salazar said. "I don't expect anything bad to happen, but I'll still feel a little bit uncomfortable with it."

In 2014, only three percent of all Texas residents had their concealed handgun license, and Texas is one of eight states to allow campus carry in some form.

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