Candidates for state, local office speak at public forum

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) -- Voters had the chance to hear from the Sherman City Council and Texas House of Representatives District 62 candidates at Wednesday's election forum hosted by North Texas Young Professionals.

The Sherman municipal election is November 7 with two contested council races.

In District 2, Commie Linson faces Josh Stevenson and At-Large, Ronald Rose faces Willie Steele. Steele was not able to come to the forum.

Among the topics: property taxes and growth.

"Every home we build, we add more taxes or money into the city, without raising our own taxes we have right now, so no, I'm not one that believes in raising taxes," Commie Linson said.

"I think taxes should be an investment, not an expense," Josh Stevenson said. "Our tax dollars need to go to pay for water, roads, sewers, for the basic services like police and fire that you expect from your city."

"We need new homes along those highways, we need a better school facility, we need more for the youth, so these young families will stay and start a life here," Ronald Rose said.

The Texas House of Representatives District 62 seat will be voted on next year, a seat that's been filled by Larry Phillips since 2003.

So far, republicans Kevin Couch, Brent Lawson and Reggie Smith plus democrat Valerie Hefner have filed to run.

"I'm concerned about property taxes, I am tired of renting my home from the government," Reggie Smith said. "I am pro-life, unashamed of it."

"I am anti-voucher, I think taking public resources and giving them to private schools is not the answer for solving our equity problem in schools," Kevin Couch said.

"The core of the American dream is the right of the individual to pursue their individual dreams, it would be my privilege to fight for these rights," Brent Lawson said.

"If you cannot read in the third or fourth grade, you do not want to go to school, you do not want to be the one that's made fun of, so we need to do something about that," Valerie Hefner said.

The primary for Texas House of Representatives is March 6 and the election is in November 2018.

You can watch the full debate in the videos above.