Caney couple's trailer home destroyed in storm

CANEY, Okla. (KXII) - A Caney couple's home was destroyed when a tree split their trailer home in half about two weeks ago.

"We heard a big crash and we had the tree come down about five feet from us," Christopher Loehlein said.

Loehlein and his wife were watching TV when storm winds flung a tree on top of their trailer home.

"That's when we found out it actually split the house in half," Loehlein said.

The tree is still on their house, and the trailer frame is completely split in half.

So Loehlein said he plans to cut the other side of the trailer to get to their clothes and belongings in the bedroom.

But for now, they are just trying to work with what they still have.

"We're living in the kitchen right now, the back two thirds of the trailer is toast," Loehlein said.

Their lives changed in a matter of seconds.

"A king sized bed to sleeping on a cot, we take turns sleeping on the cot at night," Loehlein said.

But Loehlein said he is just grateful that he, his wife, and his dogs are safe.

"Everyone is fine, everyone got through it okay, it's just, emotionally it's bad," Loehlein said.

That night his grandkids had asked to stay the night, but didn't end up going.

"I can't imagine what would've happened to them if they were staying that night because that was their room that it hit the most," Loehlein said.

Loehlein said he has been out of work since January with an injury, and his wife is in the process of applying for social security.

"Times are a little tight for us right now," Loehlein said.

They are trying to get the money together to buy a used trailer they can live in.

"This trailer is a total wash I mean it's destroyed," Loehlein said.

Their Go Fund Me page can be found here.