Ardmore car dealership burglar caught on camera

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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) -- Several vehicles at two dealerships were burglarized in Ardmore over the holiday, and it was all caught on camera.

It was early afternoon on New Year's Eve, and the Carter County Dodge dealership was closed. But video shows a middle-aged man in a truck with Texas plates scanning the lot, though police believed he knew exactly what he was looking for.

"He probably already had buyers for the equipment from somewhere else, and they just went out with their shopping list and got what they wanted." Ardmore Police Captain Keith Ingle said.

In all, he broke into six trucks and S.U.V's, like the Jeep Grand Cherokee seen on video, and takes the radios inside: three at the Dodge dealership, and three at Carter County Hyundai a mile away.

"He had a high proficiency of knowing vehicles, and stereos, how to remove them without causing damage," Ingle said. "The cars were apparently locked, and so, in fact, he even locked them back."

The suspect got away with nearly $15,000 in equipment from both dealerships, all while blending in with other shoppers. Ingle says one witness even remembered seeing him.

"A lot of people will go out and car shop while there's no salesman there, the cars are there out in the wide open," Ingle said. "It's not odd to see people out in the lots looking at cars."

The dealerships discovered the burglaries Tuesday, and called police.

Right now, there are no suspects, but with a partial plate, the video and the witness, police are confident they'll catch him.

"It's pretty bold, especially whenever, with everyone having videos these days and as good as the video can be enhanced, you're going to get caught."' Ingle said.

Police ask for anyone who may know anything to call them at (580) 223- 1212.

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