Card company sends thousands of cards to thank city for kindness

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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII)-- Many Ardmore residents opened up their mailboxes this week to find unexpected thank you cards from a Boston-based card company.

"I just thought, well how sweet, that somebody thought something was nice about Ardmore." One of the card recipients, Brooke Campbell, said.

Campbell says Tuesday a brown envelope labeled "Ardmore is Awesome" caught her eye. But it was the cards inside that she says were even more impressive.

"The little, Japanese cherry blossom one has literally little leaves cut out of every single one," Campbell said. They're very intricate, and very interesting."

Similar cards even arrived at businesses like the Ardmore Emporium downtown, which will now be selling them starting this month.

"It almost leaves you speechless, they're so pretty." Owner Stephanie Choate said. "When I saw how many people were getting them in Ardmore, and all the positive remarks, I thought, now's the time."

And with the cards, a note; thanking Ardmore residents for an unforgettable week ten years ago.

"The thing that stuck out the most was the incredible hospitality of the people there, and the people we met." Co-founder and CEO of Love Pop, Wombi Rose, said.

Rose and his fellow co-founder of the Boston-based card company, John Wise, were on their way to Panama in '07, when they were turned around at the border due to an improper R.V. title. They decided to spend time with friends in Ardmore while the title was being changed over.

"Everything from the art gallery downtown, to the ranch [our friend] took us, to Arbuckle Wilderness Center, to the noodling festival. Everywhere we went people were trying to figure out how to help us on our journey." Rose said.

Four years later they finally got to say thank you, with 24,000 of their cards. They wanted to give the cards to a city that had impacted them, and Rose said Ardmore topped that list.

"A huge thank you to all the people we met while we were in Ardmore, and the incredible hospitality and graciousness that you showed us while we were there." Rose said.

A thank you well received.

"I would agree, Ardmore is awesome," Campbell said. "I definitely like that it says that."

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