Card skimmer found inside pump at Paris gas station

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PARIS, Tex. (KXII) -- Paris Police are investigating after a card skimmer was found inside a gas pump on Monday.

They were called to the the 24-hour CEFCO station on South Church Street near Evergreen Cemetery around 5 p.m.

Officers were told that someone had placed a card skimmer on the inside of a pump at some point during the day Monday.

Lt. John Berry said people who used cards at the pumps Monday should check their accounts as soon as possible and notify police now if they notice any suspicious activity.

"It makes it really hard to get video evidence or evidence at all, if you have a long period of time in there between when something actually happened and when it was reported," Berry said.

If you gassed up at this station Monday and notice anything out of the ordinary with your account, call police 903-784-6688.

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