Carter Co. family searches for answers after dog is shot, stolen Monday night

CARTER COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - A Carter County family is searching for answers after they say someone shot their dog on Dogwood Road, west of Dickson, and then drove off with it Monday night.

Kiersten Braden said she was letting her dogs out Monday night.

One of them was Charlie, a Great Dane and German shepherd mix, who came to the family as a stray about six months ago.

"And he kind of fit in perfectly with our family so he was very loved," Braden said.

A few minutes later, Braden heard three gunshots outside her house from the road.

"From hearing him yelp, I knew it was him. But you don't necessarily think 'that might be my dog'," Braden said.

Braden said she ran outside, saw a truck and heard about five more shots

She heard the shooter throw Charlie's body in the back before driving away.

Braden claims Charlie left a blood trail as he was trying to run away.

Braden said she did not know why someone would take the dog after shooting it.

She said she and her neighbors let their dogs run around in the neighborhood without trouble.

"If he was doing something he wasn't supposed to, if he was bothering someone, you could come and tell the owners, let them know 'Hey, this is going on. You may want to watch them'," Braden said.

The Carter County Sheriff's Office said the truck is described as a black Ford pickup, possibly a King Ranch version with a yellow light bar.

Sheriff Chris Bryant said officers have not found the truck but say they did find signs of a shooting.

"There was approximately five bullet casings found, from a nine millimeter pistol so we are still investigating it," Bryant said.

Meanwhile, Braden and her family are wondering what happened.

"Let us know that you did it," Braden said. "Let us know what happened. Let us know where he is. We would love to bring him home and bury him here."

Anyone with information is asked to call the Carter County Sheriff's Office at (580) 223-6014.