Carter County Democrats hosts "The Great Debate" in Ardmore

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - Over 200 people came out to Tuesday's "Great Debate" at the Ardmore Convention Center hosted by The Carter County Democrats.

Scott Inman, Drew Edmondson and Connie Johnson took the stage and were each given two minutes to answer six questions on topics including education, healthcare and budget and finance.

"We hope that our message gets out to the voters not just here in Carter County but around the state - that they hear our message of trying to restore and rebuild our great state," Minority leader in Oklahoma House of Representatives Scott Inman said.

"Education is dependent on funding which is dependent on changing the way we do business in Oklahoma by increasing the taxes and making sure everyone pays their fair share," former State Senator Connie Johnson said.

"The last two years, as you are probably aware, we've had billion dollar deficits - if we don't fix those problems then we cannot approach the problems that we have in education, transportation, and corrections," State Attorney General Drew Edmondson said.

Tuesday's night debate comes six months before the Oklahoma State Election Board opens their official filling period.

So far six people have announced their interest for running in the Republican Party:

Mick Cornett - Mayor of Oklahoma City
Dan Fisher - Fmr. State Representative
Gary Jones - Oklahoma State Auditor and Inspector
Todd Lamb - Lt. Governor
Gary Richardson - Fmr. U.S. Attorney General
Kevin Stitt - Businessman

And three have declared their spot in the Libertarian Party:

Rex Lawhorn - Telecommunications Technician
Joe "Exotic" Maldonado - Entertainment Director, Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park
Chris Powell - Fmr. candidate for Oklahoma County Clerk

The 2018 Oklahoma gubernatorial election is Nov. 6 2018.

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