Carter County Sheriff's Office investigates IRS scams

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) -- Harley Norman said he received a call from someone stating he had won money.

"He wanted to congratulate me on being the big winner of $2,800,000," Harley Norman said.

After speaking with the scammer for a few minutes, Norman says he hung up the phone but received another call from that scammer -- this time from someone claiming to be an agent for the IRS.

"He wanted a bunch of numbers, my bank account number, my debit card, my credit card," Norman.

Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant says they started getting reports on these IRS scams back in November.

"It kind of tapered off and now that it is after the holiday season, we are starting to see a gradual pick up in it," Bryant said.

Bryant says about two dozen folks have been targeted in this scam.

He says in one case the victim sent $6,000 to the scammers.

"If you can save the phone number, we can go through the phone company and trace back the phone number and a lot of times it comes back to a satellite office," Bryant said.

Bryant says the IRS will notify you about any payments by mail, never over the phone.

He warns people to be careful with giving out sensitive information and to report the scam caller to officials.

And people like Harlod Julian say they have taken matters into their own hands by downloading apps on their phone that block potential scam calls.

"It's really sad to hear people lose their hard-earned money on people who are trying to cheat them out of it," Juilian said.

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