Carter County family's property damaged from strong winds

CARTER COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) One Carter County family is cleaning up after a powerful storm ripped through their property Tuesday morning.

Around 8 a.m. Tuesday, Tracy Johnston let her dog out and went back inside her house.

The winds and rain came just minutes later.

She said the winds were rocking her small farm house, located northwest of Ardmore.

"(I) felt like the three little pigs, you know," she said. "I was gonna blow away."

She ran back outside to save her four pound Yorkie dog.

"I go scrambling trying to get my dog back in," she said. "It was just a crazy amount of wind and rain."

Strong winds picked up her car port which shelters two cars, lawn mowers and tools.

"Everything literally went up in the air and turned upside down," she said.

The part of the car port covering her car is still intact.

"Nothing landed on my car," she said. "No scratches. It was very selective in what it touched."

Johnston's son, daughter-in-law and grand kids were sleeping in a camper about 50 feet away from the car port.

Cheyenne Baxter, Johnston's daughter-in-law, said she was woken up by the storm.

"It just felt like the trailer was spinning in circles," Baxter said.

Wind was blowing rain through the trailer window.

Baxter went to shut it, then saw the carport on the ground.

"And I was like 'Okay, we gotta get out of here'," she said.

Johnston said winds also shook her house, moving it a few inches off its foundation and cracking the ceiling in her living room.

They also split a tree in her back yard, flipped chairs, moved a basketball goal and knocked down a wood arch way.

"I'm just thankful that nobody got hurt," Johnston said

Johnston said she and her family plan to rebuild her car port and pick up the other damages.

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