Catch a special thrill returns to Lake Murray

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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII)-- Special needs children from across Carter County took to Lake Murray Saturday afternoon, to learn to fish and have some outdoor fun.

"To get them outside is very important, and to me teaching them different things and to be around other people." Mother Debbie Young said.

Her daughter, Trinity Young, is a high school student- but has the mind of an eight-year-old. Though Young says she has a heart of gold.

"She'll do anything for anybody." Young said. "Even sometimes when I tell her she does too much."

Trinity joined over 30 other children with special needs Saturday afternoon for a day at Lake Murray, complete with fishing and barbecue.

"I did like it, it was kinda cool." Trinity said.

And it wouldn't be Easter weekend without an Easter egg hunt.

The event was put on by the Lake Murray Yacht Club, and Catch a Special Thrill; an organization that seeks to empower those with special needs to get outside.

"Its showing these kids and their families that they can accomplish anything, despite physical, mental, whatever their disabilities are." C.A.S.T Regional Program Director Jim Benton said.

Before the event, Trinity had never fished a day her life. Yet she caught not one, but four fish. A reward not just for the countless volunteers like Michael Bennett who helped Trinity and the other children fish...

"Every child needs that interaction, and the thrill of catching a fish." Bennett said.

But also for the fishers themselves.

"It's wonderful. I did like it." Trinity said.

And of course, the parents.

"She's happy, she's smiling," Young said. "It's good for her when she's happy."

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