Marshall Co. couple caught using canoe to burglarize Lake Texoma boat slips

Published: Dec. 6, 2019 at 6:48 PM CST
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The Marshall County Sheriff's Office said deputies arrested a man and woman after they used a canoe to steal from boat slips in the Alberta Creek area in November.

John Waldman, 27, and Holli Tull, 40, both from Mead, each faces two charges of second-degree burglary.

Investigator Damon Robinson with the Marshall County Sheriffs Office said they got reports at the beginning of November of two people prowling through boat slips.

"The man and woman were using a canoe, a green canoe, under the cover of night to go to other boat slips and steal items," Robinson said.

Missing items included fishing poles, tackle boxes, trolling motors and food.

The sheriff's office said an Alberta Creek Marina maintenance worker and a boat slip renter confronted the suspects on separate occasions.

Deputies also received a report of a 1971 Ford pickup stolen from a lake house which was returned later the same day.

On Monday, officers were dispatched to a house in the area after someone saw the suspects run inside.

Reports say Sheriff Danny Cryer found a cup of ice in the house which let officers know someone had been in the house not too long before.

They found Tull and Waldman hiding under a bed after they saw a foot sticking out from under it.

The sheriff's office said boat owners and lake property owners need to make sure any items of value are locked up and out of sight.

"It's not anything against any particular community, it's just the down season and everyone knows there's a lot of stuff out there," Robinson said. "If they're on hard times, they may decide to take advantage of an opportunity."

Tull and Waldman are each in jail on a $25,000 bond and could face up to 14 years in prison if convicted.

Officers said the pair could face more charges, including auto theft and concealing stolen property.