Caught on video: 2-year-old found wandering alone near busy Fla. highway

OAK HILL, Fla. (WESH/Hearst/CNN) - A mother and father were arrested for child neglect after their 2-year-old was found wandering alone on the side of a busy road, with cars going by at 55 mph.

A boy, whose face has been blurred, was rescued from a busy street in Oak Hill, Fla. (Source: Volusia County Sheriff's Office/WESH/Hearst/CNN)

Two good Samaritans saw the little boy and held him until police arrived.

“Lord Jesus, this baby could have got hit in this busy, busy, busy highway or somebody could have kidnapped him,” said Erica Strozier, the first driver to stop, stunned at the sight of a 2-year-old on U.S. Highway 1.

Mail carrier Brydie Cramer pulled over to help, too, as seen on the sheriff’s body cam. They rescued the boy.

“That baby was drenched, diaper hanging almost to his feet, head to toe covered in nothing but over hundreds of mosquito bites,” Strozier said.

A responding deputy knew where the toddler belonged.

He had arrested the child’s mother for child neglect a year and a half earlier, and this time, he charged both parents, Jacob Krueger and Yajaira Tirado.

Investigators said the deputy found the pair almost coma like in bed and finally roused them.

“Luckily some nice ladies saw him and stopped before he got smushed by a freaking car,” the deputy told the child’s parents. “You both are getting arrested, so get your kid dressed.”

“God had to put me there,” said Strozier, who lives in Brevard County and was coming home from a doctor’s appointment. She was originally going to take I-95.

“I said, ‘Well, since we don’t have to rush back, I’m just going to go US 1,’ not knowing God had put me on that highway for a reason. It was for that baby,” she said.

The deputy was delightful with the toddler, letting the boy play in the patrol car, less so with the parents, who didn’t seem to understand the severity of the situation.

“What did I do, though?” Krueger said.

“What did you do? It’s what about what you didn’t do,” the deputy said.

“This is not fair at all,” Krueger said.

“It’s not fair. Yeah, it’s not fair to your son, that’s what is not fair. Have a seat,” the deputy responded.

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