Chamber of Commerce hosts candidate forum

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - Pat Ownbey has held the District 48 State House seat for nearly 10 years.

Now, he's not seeking re-election and Republican and Democratic candidates are vying for their party's nominations.

All candidates but republican Brent Phelps answered moderator questions.

"My number one priority when I get into office is to conduct an audit of the entire state of Oklahoma," Jason D. May (R) said.

"To get training that our area needs to bring in these business because that is the way we are going to build a better economy," Tammy Townley (R) said.

"More vocational training back in school and right now we teach our kids that pretty much college is the only option and especially in this area you and I know that's not the truth," Jordan B. Buck (D) said.

"Because I have a vision, my vision is this - together we can create strong families and strong towns," Cheryl Key (D) said.

One Republican is challenging Senator Frank Simpson for his seat in District 14, so will an unopposed Democrat in November.

"I will be a conservative leader, I am also a strong supporter of the second amendment," Joe Caudle (R) said.

"We have accomplished some pretty significant things in my first 8 years - veterans issues and helped reinforce rural Oklahoma," Incumbent Frank Simpson (R) said.

State Question 788 which would legalize medical marijuana and add new laws to support it's legalization also was a hot topic.

"We are opposed because it creates a lot of uncertainty for the people who employ you, employ me and employ our state," a representative from the State Chamber said.

"An employee may not discriminate, that's the language that shows highlighted (here) - i think that's a valid statement," a representative from New Health Solutions said.

People who attended the event say it was helpful to hear more about what they will be voting on at the end of the month.

"It really does help to have a face to face with the people and hear what their visions are," Debra Davis said.

"I think my decisions may have been different if I had just read the literature rather than listen to them," Marty Clift said.

Early voting starts June 21st and ends the 23rd.

The primary election is June 26th.

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