Charter school proposal rejected for second time

Published: Oct. 26, 2017 at 9:53 PM CDT
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An application for a charter school proposed for Ardmore was rejected again by the Ardmore City School Board Thursday, after being rejected the first time last month.

The Ardmore Community Academy first applied for their charter school in Ardmore at the start of the summer.

"We were hitting hard with a very basic, but hard core language arts curriculum, and also a math curriculum that will get them better prepared for the challenges ahead." Academy board member Leslie Kutz said.

But the Ardmore City School Board voted no on the proposal at the beginning of September unanimously, citing inadequate plans for transportation, food and curriculum.

Now, nearly two months later, the Board arrived at the same unanimous decision after another meeting Thursday night.

"I think competition is good, and I think charter schools have a place. I'm just not sure they have a place in Ardmore," A.C.S Superintendent Kim Holland said. "We already have three or four private schools, we have five public schools within a 10 mile radius, so our kids and parents have a lot of choice."

The attorney behind the charter school spoke. and so did Holland, who recommended the board vote no; saying a chief concern is still their curriculum.

"I think they have some good ideas that they discussed, but I don't think they've developed that enough, and tidied it up to where it really conforms to state law." (HOLLAND)

But the Academy says they won't be deterred, planning to appeal to the State Board of Education.

"You're dealing with people who have a passion for students, and a passion for this community just like the others tonight," Kutz said. "And there's absolutely just no way- we'll go home and soak in our disappointment until our fingers get pruney [sic], but have no doubt we will be back."

If approved by the state, the charter school would likely begin classes in Fall of 2019.