Chase sends Colbert police chief to the hospital

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COLBERT, Okla. (KXII) -- Troopers said a suspect who led multiple agencies on a chase got away Thursday night.

It started on U.S. Highway 75 north just before 11p.m., when Colbert Police Chief David Petersen tried to pull over a dark BMW for speeding.

The car took off instead, then slammed on the brakes at South McKinley near Calera to make a U-turn, causing Petersen to crash into it and then a barrier.

Troopers said his police vehicle was no longer drivable.

We went to Colbert City Hall for more information, but they would not say much.

"He's fine and that's all I can tell you," a city hall employee said. “Out of courtesy, he's fine. He is on duty."

No word on whether that Colbert police unit was totaled.

Colbert employees said Petersen would not be available to interview, then referred us to Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Trooper Mitchell Patten told us Petersen was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries, treated and released.

But the BMW didn't stop there.

"He continued southbound and just north of the Red River sideswiped another vehicle disabling it,” Patten said.

Patten said Calera Police picked up the chase but were unable to catch up to him.

The driver bailed out at the Texas travel center on foot.

A canine officer was called out but the suspect was never caught.

"We're all a team so we look out for each other but yeah we will continue to investigate this and let you know if we have anything further,” Patten said.

Sammy and Sharelle Woodell live down the road from where the Petersen was injured.

“Sometimes that’s the only choice they have because even Highway Patrol Officers sometimes they have to pivot the vehicle and run them off the road to get them to stop,” Sammy Woodell said.

“It's kind of scary,” Woodell said. “Because we leave our house unlocked during the day and you never know you could find him in your house when you get home."

The couple said they would be locking their doors from now on.

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