"Check out" a dog, Denison animal shelter launches new program

Published: May. 13, 2019 at 11:45 AM CDT
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They say there's nothing that can prepare you for parenthood, but if you're thinking of adopting a furry friend there's something that can prepare you for that.

There's checking our a book from a library, renting a car for a trip, even reserving a bounce house for a child's party, but what about renting a dog? It's possible, starting Monday with the Denison Animal Welfare Group.

"Take the Animals out, get them socialized, take pictures of them, post them on social media and help them find adoptive homes," said DAWG President Stephanie Phillips.

The idea started after Arizona State University and Virginia Tech's Maddie's Fund Nationwide Fostering Study.

The study was designed to see is this activity will reduce stress levels of dogs.

The DAWG Shelter was one of 100 shelters chosen nationwide to participate.

"These dogs need homes. These are great dogs, they just need a second chance," said Phillips.

The study is also an opportunity for the 23 dogs in the kennel to find their forever home.

Any person over the age of 18 can spend time with a dog from the shelter for free. All that is needed is a valid drivers license and two hours of time.

"We wanna incorporate sleepovers, we want people to take their pet s in their homes for longer than two hours. Two hours is just a jumping off point," said Phillips.

Participants will be required to take an orientation class. A field trip packet with necessary supplies will be provided.

"We have a go back for everyone that takes the dog out that has treats, poop bags, water bowl and a bottle of water," said Phillips.

The foster field trip program launched Monday morning.

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