Child out of the hospital after SUV backs into people at concert

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - A 3-year-old is out of the hospital after a car backed into a crowd last night at a concert in Sherman.

Several others were injured, and police said the driver didn't know what gear she had the SUV in.

"There was chaos and panic," said Cassandra Crosby, who was there when it happened.

That's how Crosby describes the scene at Sherman's Hot Summer Nights free concert Thursday.

She was walking to her car shortly after singer Chris Knight started.

"As I continued to walk up, then she accelerated back," Crosby said.

Sherman Police Lt. John Kennemer said an 89-year-old woman was backing out of her parking spot in an area near the porta-potties.

"Apparently she thought she had put it over into drive, but was still in reverse, stepped on the accelerator," Kennemer said.

"I think she just got really confused and scared, and just accelerated even further and hit more people," Crosby said.

Crosby said her SUV almost hit the wall.

Kennemer said three adults and four children were injured, including a 3-year-old boy.

"He had a knot on his head and it was bleeding," Crosby said.

Police said the boy was taken to the hospital for his injuries, but is expected to be okay.

The other six people were treated at the scene.

City spokesman Nate Strauch said that parking lot is barricaded, but the woman parked there two hours before the concert, so it wasn't closed off yet.

He said this is why they block off streets surrounding the municipal lawn.

"Is to prevent exactly this type of situation. Unfortunately, you can't control for all the variables," Strauch said.

The concert continued for about half an hour after.

Crosby said she's just glad the situation wasn't worse.

"I hope and pray for the families and the child," Crosby said.

Kennemer said they won't know if the woman will get a citation until after they finish the report.

Strauch said they'll be moving the porta-potties to the sidewalk from now on.