Choctaw Casino played their first ball and dice games today

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DURANT, Okla. (KXII)- The wait is over. Ball and dice games are happening.

Before, craps and roulette were played with cards at the Choctaw casino, and every other casino in Oklahoma.

To have the full experience playing these games, gamblers would make the trek to casinos where balls and dice were legal, like Louisiana and Las Vegas.

Guy Jones has been coming to the Choctaw Casino from Temple for the past seven years and threw the first dice in the Choctaw casino.

"I wasn't even playing it with the cards. I did back a couple years ago but a lot of people have been waiting for the real dice," said Jones.

There's still an ante of one dollar per round .

Table games shift manager Tyler Ross says they've been getting questions about the new rules for months.

"A lot of our big players have been asking about it and waiting for it, just contacting us every single day asking when are we going to go," said Ross.

Choctaw casino marketing manager Sara Adams thinks people will enjoy the conventional version of the games because of the interaction gamblers have with each other.

"I think that they feel like they are partly in control of the die, and then the other part is the camaraderie of it," said Adams.

Jones believes his favorite casino game was meant to be played with dice, not cards.

"It's just traditional with a ball. A little spin with the cards on roulette, it was ok. But craps isn't craps without the dice," said Jones.

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