Choctaw Co. victim outs, shames burglars on social media

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HUGO, Okla. (KXII)- Choctaw County deputies say early Wednesday morning Calvin Gosvenor and Desiree Raley broke into an unoccupied house on Kristi Piearcy's property in Swink her family uses for storage .

Officials say the two stole over $5,000 worth of items from inside.

Piearcy says her home has been burglarized before, so she had cameras placed around the house. This time, she was able to see the faces of the people who stole from her.

"We caught them coming in the house, the man waiting for her to unlock the door. And for an hour and a half minimum, they carried stuff out of my house," Piearcy said.

Piearcy says the things that were stolen such as clothes, toys, silverware are replaceable, but the burglars also took her daughter's peace of mind.

"My five-year-old asks multiple times a day 'have they been caught yet?' and if she can have her toys back yet. It makes me really angry that she feels that way," Piearcy said.

But Piearcy has been able to make light of the situation by shaming the burglars online, posting on Facebook that Raley will look great in the clothes she stole from her, and Gosvenor was a gentleman for helping Raley break in through the window.

"That's my go-to on everything, humor and sarcasm (laughs). If I can raise public awareness and get a smile out of someone out of it, then its a little bit worth it," Piearcy said.

Choctaw County Sheriff Terry Park says Gosvenor and Raley are already wanted in McCurtain County. Now the Choctaw County Sheriff's Office is after them as well.

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