Choctaw Nation breaks ground on casino expansion

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DURANT, Okla. (KXII)- This will be the fourth expansion of the casino since it opened in 2006, and construction will take place at the southern entrance of the casino.

The Choctaw Nation is investing $500 million in the project, which will add a thousand more hotel rooms, an expanded gaming floor, dining areas, pools, a lazy river, and more.

They believe that when it's all done they'll have the highest hotel room count in the state with 1,600 rooms upon completion.

"If you come here, you can stay here and you can go see our new cultural center that we're currently building, be able to have a great dining experience, go to our pool, go to a movie, and then also do gaming all in one location. Its awesome!" said Choctaw Nation Chief Gary Batton.

Senior Executive Officer for the Choctaw Nation Janie Dillard has been working for the Choctaw Nation for over 30 years, she says she did not expect to see this type of expansion when she first started working.

"I was here when we had a hundred employees and we were broke in 1987 so we bought 55 acres of land, we build a high stakes bingo, and we thought when we made the first million dollars in the high stakes bingo we thought 'oh my Lord this is awesome!" said Dillard.

Folks inside the casino can hardly wait for the expansion to be completed.

"Growing up, I used to like going to water parks a lot especially coming around summertime. Me and my brother will enjoy this quite a bit," said Dylan Matney.

"I come here a lot, I come here for entertainment and its absolutely fantastic. There will be a resort area, you don't have to leave," said Robert Mansell.

The project is expected to be completed in the spring of 2021.