Christmas decorations stolen from outside local charity

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LONE GROVE, Okla. (KXII) - Margie Roberts who owns It's from the Heart says on Monday she was coming back from picking up a donation when she found the Christmas decorations she left on the front porch had been stolen.

The theft was caught on camera.

"Talk about a Grinch," Roberts said. "That's how the Grinch stole Christmas." (Margie Roberts)

The non profit charity accepts donations of clothes, household items including furniture and gives them out to those in need.

Monday, when the business is closed, a woman can be seen on camera pulling up to the business.

"She's looking around and when a car pulls in she drops the ornaments that's in the box then when the car leaves, she picks it up and goes to her truck," Roberts said. "She makes 6 trips back and forth to her pick up loading everything that we had up."

The woman takes the donated decorations, a box of clothes and a Christmas tree.

Roberts said she was going to use the decorations to decorate outside of the building for an event they hold for kids to come and see Santa.

"I mean you just try to let roll off your back but it's kind of hard," Roberts said. "I mean whenever you were so excited about getting to decorate on Monday and then there was nothing to decorate with."

Roberts says she's even posted the pictures on social media hoping the woman would come forward and return the items.

"It's not right," Roberts said. "I don't care if we are a charity and it was sitting in front of our building - it's not there for you to take, if you need something you come and ask me and I'll be happy, happy to give it to you."

Roberts says if you have any information on who that woman could be in the video to give her a call at the business at 580 - 657-2531.

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