Church holds violence awareness project for local communities

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PARIS, Texas - A church in Paris hosted a workshop Saturday to educate members in the community about violence awareness.

Stop the violence is an organization that plans a workshop to help communities learn about violence prevention.

"We're able to have children from all over, from West Memphis, Arkansas, from Dallas, Fort Worth, Paris."

Organizer, Patricia Allen, says stop the violence is especially important after all the recent shootings involving officers.

"So much violence has impacted the world and nation and right now we're in the healing process," said Allen. "We need unity, we need togetherness and we need to bring our peace to the community."

The workshop is primarily lead by parents who have lost their children during violent situations.

"Us telling our stories and reliving that over and over again letting us see this is real," said April. "Hopefully they can listen and know ok whatever they're going through is not that serious and we can get them to talk to somebody or think about their actions because sometimes you can't come back."

She tells us she lost her 12-year-old son after a fight broke out in her community.

"My son was walking from one sidewalk to the next when one guy jumped in his car from the fight because somebody had a gun," said April. "He drove into the crowd and my son was crossing the parking lot so he ended up hitting my son, dragging him and he died."

She shares her story with those who attend the workshop because she thinks it sends an important message.

"We're raising awareness so people know even if you're not doing something wrong but you're just in that environment something could happen to you," said Richardson. "We're trying to save one child at a time."

The workshop is open to children of all ages and cover topics such as gun violence, suicide and bullying.

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