City begins construction on Crazy Corner

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ADA, Okla. (KXII) - "A lot of times I try to miss crazy corner," Resint Freddy Haragan said.

Haragan says it's difficult to navigate through the intersection of Mississippi and Arlington Streets.

Locals call it Crazy Corner.

It will undergo a six week maintenance project.

"We had some bad damage created by traffic and water leaks going on underneath," Ada Public Works Director Carl Allen said.

Allen says the project will cost the city just under $20,000.

Allen says they were forced to replace the center median after a water line broke.

"It was starting to create safety issues because concrete was coming lose, and stuff like that, so people run over that and it creates issues with their tires and their car," Allen said.

Residents say Crazy Corner is a headache to drive through.

"There's time I have to go through Crazy Corner, and right now ... it's, something else," Haragan said.

Crazy Corner sits in between a diagonal railroad, and two state highways.

"You get semis that come through, and people try to jump in with them and you get two or three vehicles trying to run with them at the same time ... and there it just causes a little bit of confusion," Ada Public Works Field Manager Jonathan Matthews said.

Allen says the city's main concern is safety, which is why replacing the center median is essential.

"The obvious way in keeping debris off the road and the secondary way is you're going to have nice physical barrier there that's not falling a part," Allen said.

City workers are urging drivers to stay off the phone and pay attention while crossing this intersection.