City debuts new music venue for Independence Day celebration

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ADA, Okla. (KXII) - "It's a time to celebrate and come together, we're all so divided right now," Happyland Music Alliance President David Piercy said.

Independence Day at Wintersmith park has been a long standing tradition in Ada.

"We've got food trucks, we've got ice cream, we've got music, we've got the railroad everything's here to have a good day," Piercy said.

This year the celebration included live music.

"We're opening a new Wintersmith music and movie venue," Assistant City Manager Angie Dean said.

The city partnered with the Happyland Music Alliance so five local bands could perform.

"We want people to come out and celebrate the birth of our country," Piercey said.

Dean says the city recently received a community development grant along with donations from the Chickasaw Nation to build the music and movie venue.

The city also partnered with the Kiwanis and Lions Clubs for a full day of activities including a 10-K run, family Olympics, and wars hosted by the fire department.

"It brings a lot more excitement to what already is a neat day in Wintersmith park having the bands here," Dean said.

Shortly after the venue was completed, the city added more sod for a larger seating area near the venue.

The city has also added a new dog park, something Dean says residents asked for.

"The public came forth and said hey we really want another dog park on the East side of town," Dean said. So we listened to that calling and used another CDBG grant, and a grant from Valley View Foundation."

Dean tells us she hopes this annual event will keep residents coming back for years to come.

"It's things like Wintersmith [park] that really brings us all together and of course the Fourth of July is a very special day,"She said.