City of Ardmore offers facade grants to downtown property owners

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - "It's really a tool to help revitalize our downtown area," Stephanie Keyser said.

City Planner Stephanie Keyser says it's the second year the city has offered the facade grants.

It's money that's awarded to property owners in the historic preservation district and east main streetscape area to cover the costs of renovations made outside of their buildings.

"it's beneficial for the property owner because they get to recover some of that cost in the rehabilitation of their building and then it really helps our community make our downtown more inviting," Keyser said.

A total of $25,000, money that comes from the City's budget, can be given to property owners.

They can apply to have 50% of their cost reimbursed and can receive up to $5,000 toward their project.

One of the stores the city helped last year was the Pocket Shop.

"We want to bring people to downtown and want to expand it and if the downtown isn't updated then people aren't going to come down here," Elizabeth Douglass said.

Pocket Shop's store manager Elizabeth Douglass says they used the money from their piece of the grant to cover the costs of replacing the store's window, adding and painting a new door and adding new bricks and flowers outside.

"Everybody that comes in is like 'oh your store front looks so good' - so it's been a really great addition for us," Douglass said.

Keyser says property owners will have until Dec. 1 to apply for the grants but it's a first come first serve system so they should apply as soon as possible.

For more information about the application and the process check out the City of Ardmore's website or visit this link to view the document -

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