City of Ardmore: plans underway to improve traffic flow on Rockford Road

Published: Oct. 22, 2019 at 6:48 PM CDT
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Ardmore is working on several plans to improve traffic flow on one busy road in the city.

Ardmore City Commission approved an agreement Monday night for an engineering company to develop plans for widening Rockford Road from Veterans Boulevard to Regional Park Way, near the Parks and Recreation office.

The plan is to widen the quarter mile length of road, adding curbs, gutters and bike lanes.

The portion of Rockford will also have a center left turn lane in front of The Clubhouse for the traffic it will see in the future.

City engineer Tom Mansur said his department has hired Fox Engineering in Ardmore to draw up the plans, to expedite the process and lighten the load on the department.

"We try to do a mix of in-house design as well as call upon consulting engineers from time to time to do some design," Mansur said.

The city said the estimated cost of the project will be between $200,000 and $300,000.

The city is also working on plans for traffic signals on Rockford Road at the intersections of Merrick Drive and 4th Avenue NW.

Alyssa Elliott works at Carter County Animal Hospital near the intersection of 4th and Rockford and said the area is pretty busy around the time she leaves work.

"If you're not careful pulling out of this intersection, they'll hit you," Elliott said. "I've almost been hit once or twice. You've got to really watch and some people don't watch. I think a stop light would be an awesome idea."

City officials estimate the cost of the traffic signals to be around $200,000 each.

They hope to have the plans for the road widening complete by the end of the year.

After that, they will put the widening project and the traffic signals out to bid at the end of the year or early 2020.

The city said it plans to have the road work complete in time for The Clubhouse's opening in the summer of next year.

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