City of Durant looking for public input on potential medical marijuana rules

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DURANT, Okla. (KXII)- According to a document made by the city of Durant staff, regulations were proposed that would require people and businesses to have medical marijuana Certificate of Compliance from the city. The cost of a certificate has not been decided.

In the proposed regulations, the city would place a $500 fine per day on anyone without a certificate.

Dustin Belvin, owner of the Remedy in Durant, says he likes the idea of having regulations in place that would require medical marijuana businesses in Durant to have proper ventilation and zoned in proper areas. However, he does not like the idea of potentially facing a fine from the city.

"If they were to get caught growing legally with a card in their home based on the regulations they have right now, if they didn't have that certificate its a $500 fine. I've had people come in here that can't even afford to get their medical card," said Belvin.

Since the store opened in June, Belvin says his store has over 100 patients, and they could lose business if people can't afford potential fines.

"It's the stuff regarding the patients. Anything that effects the patients in this city effects me directly. They need to be able to do things and do what they are allowed to do legally," said Belvin.

A public forum will be held in the Durant city council chamber on October 23 for people to voice their concerns and ask questions about medical marijuana use.