City of Madill gas cards compromised by suspected skimmers

MADILL, Okla. (KXII) - Madill police are warning drivers to keep a close eye on their bank statements after getting reports of cards being compromised, including gas cards owned by the city.

Madill police say the city was contacted on Tuesday by its card management company that several of the city's fleet gas cards were compromised.

Donny Raley with Madill Police Department said about 18 cards total were affected across every city department.

"The police department, the fire department, the street department, parks and cemeteries, sewer, about 75 percent of all the fleet cards within the city were affected," Raley said.

The city said its card company believes it was card skimmers that were placed at gas stations within the city.

'We dispatched officers to locations throughout the town and were still unable to locate any skimmers or and devices placed in any of the pumps that we checked," Raley said.

Police said they only checked gas pumps but the suspects may have retrieved the card skimmers before officers could find them.

The Madill City Clerk said it has not received any reports yet of the city losing money.

"So they were pretty good about getting to it very quickly so the city's not going to be out any additional money on cards that were compromised," Raley said.

The card company canceled the old fuel cards once they were found to be compromised and sent new ones.

Madill police also received reports from citizens of cards being affected but did not say if the victims had lost any money.

"[If you] think there's an issue then we encourage you to just pay in cash," Raley said. "That way your card doesn't stand a chance of being compromised."

Madill police said if anyone comes across a card reader or gas pump that looks like it has been tampered with, do not use it and call authorities right away.