City of Sherman awards initial Jumpstart The Heart check

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) -- The city of Sherman gave a check to the first business that signed up for the Jumpstart the Heart program a year ago.

Leslie Jean's Home Furnishings received a check for $6,250 on Tuesday for being the first business in Sherman's Jumpstart the Heart incentive program for businesses to move downtown.

On Tuesday, Leslie Jean's Home Furnishings was awarded the money after taking part in a prorgram designed to bring more businesses to downtown Sherman.

Eight businesses relocated downtown the first year.

Leslie Jean's Home Furnishings received a check for $6,250.

"This is just going to be amazing to help out with that," business owner Leslie Archer said. "It really helps to get your business off the ground and it's just fun that you have to wait a year because it is an incentive."

Archer said she is going to invest the funds back into her business.

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