City of Sherman demolishes homeless camp, plans to shut down another

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - The City of Sherman bull-dozed a well-known homeless camp Monday, and said they plan to clear another camp next week.

"I'm crushed really I'm heart broken because that was my home, I really don't have anywhere else to go, it's hard to just start over," Shelly said.

Shelly didn't want to give her last name, but said when she heard the city would demolish the homeless camp on Peyton Street, she was upset.

Now, there's word from city officials that another homeless camp behind Ashley Furniture on Highway 82 is next.

Shelly has lived there for about a month and a half, but has to be moved out next week.

"Yeah seven days from Tuesday," Shelly said.

Sherman city councilman, Shawn Teamann, said the city had to get involved when property owners asked them to.

"I have a tremendous amount of compassion for those folks and I know that city management is taking this situation as delicately as they could while still operating within their code of ordinances and what is required by city law," Teamann said.

David Gillum has lived at the camp on 82 for about two weeks, and said he's working toward getting back on his feet.

"People are frustrated, they're struggling trying to survive, trying to get jobs like I am hopefully getting a job here locally, I've got an interview at one o'clock and I'm hoping to get a job," Gillum said.

As frustration is mounting, temperatures are dropping, hitting temperatures in the 20's this week.

That means the time to find another place to live for people at the camps is dwindling.

"We're not bad people , we might be a little scary to the appearance sometimes you know but we're not mean, we're just like you guys you know we just live out in the woods," Shelly said.

City officials said they gave out a resource list as a way to help these people get back on their feet.

Homeless advocacy groups, like 903 Mindful and Taking it to the Streets, said they're working to find land for a tiny home community in hopes of solving the issue completely.

903 Mindful has a fundraiser coming up at Red Rock Saloon March 29, more information can be found at: