City of Sherman responds to Executive Order

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) Earlier this week Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent out an executive order regarding COVID-19 and precautions put into effect tonight until April 3rd.

Friday the city of Sherman posted on social media about the order, raising questions from citizens.

They posted to their Facebook page Friday ahead of the midnight deadline for restaurants and businesses. The order limits social gatherings to 10 people, prohibits eating out or drinking at restaurants and calls all area gyms and athletic centers to close.

The City of Sherman says Governor Abbott's executive order will not force those businesses to close or give them authority to tell a business to shut down.

As of 10 p.m. Friday, the Facebook post had seen over 40 shares and 150 comments. Some of which got replies back from the city's page.

Sherman resident Maggie Donohoe said, "This is shameful that you are not encouraging all local businesses to close, or at the very least close the dine-in option."

The city replied with, "That's a great plan, Maggie! Business owners will have to make those decisions in the coming days."

This Sherman resident says the post should have given the option to citizens where they spend their money while making decisions to keep them safe.

"I just felt that it would've showed more leadership for them to say, you know, we support our businesses who choose to close their dine-in option at this time to protect our citizens," said Donohoe.

"It really is a dual message, everybody needs to do their part to stop the disease, but we also need people to do their parts to make sure that the people who wait tables and do things like that have the financial support they need to make it through this period of uncertainty for them," said Nate Strauch with the City of Sherman.

Strauch says restaurants and businesses have the choice whether they will close their doors temporarily starting at midnight tonight.

In a later statement, Sherman City Manager Robby Hefton said, "We have pulled the post. The city continues to work with Federal, State and Local officials to ensure that we address this serious health issue in an appropriate way to ensure that our citizens, business and families are protected."