City of Sherman has new bike ordinance

SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- The Sherman City Council voted on a new bike ordinance aiming to make the city safer for bikers and pedestrians.

It has been pushed by Sholdon Daniels, who heads Bike Sherman, a grassroots bike safety organization in the city. He's been thinking about the ordinance since 2014.

“So I would say about two or three years," he said. "We’ve made quite a bit of progress."

The ordinance requires cars to stay at least three feet away from bikes, and trucks at least six feet. It also requires bikes to have their brakes in good working condition and at least one light during times of limited visibility.

"Just like a car, you need to make sure your breaks are working, and you’re visible," said city councilman Shawn Teamann.

Any violators face a Class C Misdemeanor charge, meaning a fine up to $500.

"It's kind of like a traffic ticket," Teamann said.

Daniels said the ordinance will make the city all-around safer for drivers and pedestrians.

"It will be a sign that the city is still rolling forward and standing behind their commitment to make the city safer," Daniels said about the ordinance passing.

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