Classmates, friends remember Kingston High School student killed in crash

Published: Jan. 26, 2019 at 7:49 PM CST
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It was a surprise to everyone in Kingston when they learned that on Friday, 18-year-old Robert Privett Jr. died in a wreck on Highway 70.

"Like a thundering noise and just looked outside, and you just don't want to see that ever with your own eyes."

On Friday just after 5PM, Robert Privitt Jr. a senior at Kingston High School was driving on Highway 70 in Kingston in his pickup truck.

Suddenly it collided with an oncoming semi, killing Robert and injuring the driver of the semi.

Hayden Rogers, a friend of Robert said, "A lot of traffic stoppage and then people came in and they told us what happened up there, and they told us it was our friend Robert."

Another classmate and friend of Robert was working at Gecko's Grill when he heard the wreck as it happened.

That part of the highway in front of Gecko's was closed for several hours.

J.J. Maldonado said, "I just took off my belt and just off I went to go help out with what I could."

Friends remember 18-year-old Robert as a gentle giant, a kind person, always smiling and willing to help others.

A group of friends including Katelin Morris said, "He was always happy, like always had a smile, always loved hugs." Another friend added saying, "He'd give everybody hugs...everyday."

"He was the nicest person, big fella, you know just loving hands and everything," said Maldonado.

Kingston Police say the exact cause of the accident is still being investigated.

Though some people say he was texting at the time of the crash, police say that Robert had both hands on the steering wheel of his pick-up.

"He was always in a good mood always smiling, I've never seen him with a frown on his face, he's just a really good dude."

Robert's father said that his son was the warmest most loving young man on the planet, and that he never had an enemy or a harsh word for anyone.

The Masonic Lodge in Kingston is taking donations to help the Privitt family during this time.

Donations will also be accepted during Kingston's basketball game this Friday.

Additional counselors and local pastors will be available to students at Kingston High School on Monday to help comfort students.

Kingston Public Schools Superintendent Brian Brister, released the following statement on Saturday:

"We were very saddened when we received the word that Robert had passed. It's always extremely tragic when a young life is lost. On behalf of Kingston public schools we want the family to know that we are praying for you and sharing your grief."

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