Classroom assault at Ardmore HS caught on video

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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) -- Tammy Butcher received the video of her 15 year old son being punched repeatedly last week.

Her son Christian is a freshman at Ardmore High School.

"I was extremely irate, pissed off and I started bawling," Tammy Butcher

She says the incident happened two weeks ago, but she didn't see the video until recently.

"That's my child and that is not something I want my child to go through ever," Tammy said.

Butcher says, Christian told her the fight started because he used vulgar words against the other boy's family.

But she says no matter what her son said, she believes he shouldn't have been hit.

"He has mental issues and for somebody to lay their hands on him, that's just not right," Tammy said.

"They made it sound like, it was his fault that he deserved it," David Butcher said.

The Butchers went to Ardmore police to file charges, but they say police told them they wouldn't be pressing any charges against the boy, because the school has disciplined him already.

Ardmore superintendent Kim Holland declined to interview, but tells us he is investigating the situation.

He also says the school does not condone fighting.

"He was sitting down and did not do anything and he got basically sucker punched without even knowing it was coming, and continuously hit," The Butchers said.

Now, the Butchers say they're worried about the after effects for their son.

"For my child to sit there and take that, it's hard to watch," Tammy said.

The Butchers say they're meeting with the superintendent on Monday.

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